Media Literacy Now is a national nonprofit with a mission educate about media literacy and, more specifically, to collaborate with state partners to highlight and advance legislative action supporting media literacy and digital citizenship.

In a newsletter ,Media Literacy Now reported that this week, legislation passed the Washington state Senate 48-0 that puts more focus on media literacy and digital citizenship.

A retired teacher who had spent years teaching media literacy was the person who brought the bill idea to Sen. Marko Liias (D-Lynnwood), who sponsored the bill. Noting the information age we live in and the inherent challenges and risks with the internet, Senator Liias said, “Our students need help navigating this digital landscape.” The bill (6273 S), which will now go to the Washington state House of Representative for deliberation, was designed to “start the process of better embedding digital citizenship and media literacy into our state schools.”

We here in Utah are happy to see that the collaborative work done on HB213, sponsored by Representative Keven Stratton, was helpful to the leaders in Washington as they drafted their bill.

“We also looked at a great bill that the state of Utah passed to put some better standards in place around digital citizenship. That’s actually where the definition of digital citizenship comes from.”


(starting at minute 46)

We are hopeful that states like Washington will also consider not just the prevention of harm and education about safe use of technology, but also will help administrators, teachers, and parents champion deliberate, proactive, positive uses of technology.

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