Welcome to DigCitUtah!

DigCitUtah was created by EPIK Deliberate Digital, a nonprofit focused on facilitating conversation and collaboration around the opportunities and challenges of raising children in a digital world. In particular, this website was created to support school community councils, educators, administrators, and parents in their digital citizenship education efforts, and to expand the conversation around what it means for youth and adults to be good digital citizens.

Our Mission is Twofold

1 - Utah is currently the only state in the nation that has something about digital citizenship in the law. EPIK saw this as an opportunity to help raise more awareness around digital citizenship. In the short term, DigCitUtah can help school community councils in their responsibilities as outlined in HB213 (Safe Technology Use and Digital Citizenship Education) by providing a categorized, curated resource library. These resources can be used for classroom instruction and for parent meetings. Some of the resources on DigCitUtah may also be helpful for professional digital citizenship learning needs related to SB222 (Digital Teaching and Learning).

2 - Help expand the conversation around digital citizenship to include more focus on positive uses of technology, encouraging more involvement of youth in the conversation about positive digital citizenship. Historically, digital citizenship education and materials have focused heavily on adults trying to teach children how to be safe online. But just as good citizens don't only avoid danger and harmful behavior or substances, good digital citizens can look for and create opportunities to use technology to make a positive difference in their families and communities -- and in the world. This expansion effort includes a Positives Pilot program (see more below).