Josh Ochs helps middle and high school students with a simple, three-word checklist for social media. He invites them to be “Light” (not heavy, positive), “Bright” (articulate, smart, shows thinking before hitting ‘send,’ something you can be proud of and comfortable with, classy), and “Polite.”

This video presentation is a great training given to middle school students about how social media can either help or harm future opportunities for college and job success. Josh helps students understand that the applications they fill out for colleges or jobs are only part of the equation. Google is the new application. Schools and employers search online, and a student’s digital footprint and reputation will matter. And social media can also be used in interviews, IF a student knows how to use social media well so that who they are online matches who they are on paper.

Josh helps teens understand how quality rather than quantity of selfies is the smart way to go. He also teaches how to search and how not to search for one’s self online so as to manage digital reputation/footprint…and to help their parents understand tricks and tips for online reputation management.


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