Student Voice

Student Voice is empowering students to raise their voices and listening to what they say.

Gone are the days of students sitting in rows listening to an hour long lecture from their teacher, before filing into the next classroom for another hour long lecture.

Last week, students moderated the #NYEDChat focusing on #StuVoice. This chat not only inspired us to seek out more Student’s voices, but also solidified in our minds just how much students want/need to be involved in their own education. These students in #NYEDChat threw out so many ideas from letting students rearrange the seats in the classroom to how to better involve introverted students using technology.

I promise, you cannot read through these ideas and not find something new you will want to do in your classroom with your students.

I’ve included a quick glimpse into the chat here so you can see what students (and some adults/educators) have to say about classroom (and home) cultures that foster safety and #notaboutthemwithoutthem

A theme we noticed from #nyedchat is that kids need a sense of real safety and respect. Digital Inclusion isn’t just technical, it’s emotional.

Student Voice

The students moderating were @CurranCentral #DigCitKids, @RyanHur09, @DawsonUnger, @SpencerRHill99, @Joe-OSuch, @TheLivBits #LivBits, @TheSammer88 #BowTieBoys.

Q1 Why is it so important to honor student voice? #StuVoice

  • Students are leaders of today not just tomorrow; creativity shines in Students & possibilities are endless when we listen/honour them. @allison_fuisz
  • Education is about them and what they need, not about us. @MrsMurat
  • If we want them to have a voice as an adult, we need to cultivate and nurture it. @MrsMurat
  • Student voice needs to help drive instruction and learning opportunities… Student voice helps Teachers learn! @ChrisQuinn64
  • It’s their time; I always tell my Students that I’ve already been to school; it’s their turn to create the experience they desire/need. @djlessard2016
  • When they have a voice they are more motivated to learn! @LoriAnnGibson
  • Honoring Student voice connects both the Teachers and Students and builds a strong relationship, relationships are key in the classroom. @dawsonunger
  • When teachers listen to students it makes them motivated to work harder. Makes the learning environment positive. Kayla @candylandcaper
  • It can help boost students self esteem and make them more confident AND make learning more fun. Ava @candylandcaper
  • Important to have ‘student voice’ in the classroom, but also in the building & district as a whole. Give them a seat at the table. @Sdunhamwgms

Q2 What role does establishing #StuVoice play in building positive rapport with students?

  • Including #stuvoice builds trust, respect & positive school climate! We want to learn with you not just from you. @CurranCentral
  • Students voice earns Teacher trust and furthers relationship to one as #Friends @Joe_OSuch
  • Environment of trust and respect where failures and successes are celebrated in safety! @LoriAnnGibson
  • Research shows that dropout rates, students achievement, and workforce readiness will improve. @LemarrTreadwell
  • It helps develop trust and shared expectations. If everyone is on the same page, positive things happen! @hjreed
  • Encouraging the positive & amplifying #stuvoice is the formula to create positive school climate! @mbfxc
  • If they do not trust me – they will not learn from me! @LoriAnnGibson
  • Creativity is unlocked when you engage kids as people. @DigCitUtah

Q3 How do you foster a classroom environment that encourages #StuVoice?

  • Day 1: The room is the smartest person in the room. I am a co-learner and we are better together. Then walk the walk. @MrsMurat
  • You realize that class isn’t about you. Once you do that, #stuvoice is able to shine! @MrsMurat
  • Students need time to #LINGER in #DEEPquestions. Teachers need to create spaces where #INQUIRY is honored #kidsCANteachus @thelivbits
  • Invite Students to help arrange furniture in room, classroom library, procedures/routines. Should not feel like jail! @franmcveigh
  • Asking them to create lesson, lead, and make assessments for content! @LoriAnnGibson
  • Planning 2 give the room over 2 students after a brief period of “teaching” encourages student interaction & participation. @nikiugel
  • They could do more polls about what kind of activities students actually want to do.They can do interactive things like Quizlet or Kahoot. Boring interactive lessons don’t enhance learning. Kayla @candylandcaper
  • Teacher must open the doors of 2-way communication with students and offer multiple ways to participate. @KariEspin
  • Plus, why would you want them to be a clone of you. We don’t need another me! We need you! @MrsMurat

Q4 How do #StuVoice opportunities connect and empower students to develop empathy for causes & movements outside of their comfort zone?

Q5 What role do parents play in monitoring and empowering their child’s #StuVoice?

  • Depends on age of Students, but providing age appropriate environments where #stuvoice is sought out and then honored. @MrsMurat
  • We use @DevorahHeitner‘s MENTOR approach & another shout out to @JanellBH & her #iRules which help parents & kids!  @mbfxc
  • Parents can help build self-confidence through role-playing, modeling listening skills, and encouraging Student to join clubs, etc. @hjreed
  • One great way of modeling & empowering #StuVoice is allowing Ss to have social media accounts and modeling + social footprints! #NYEDChat @mcculloughmg
  • I think Parents are instrumental in empowering their children to find/develop their voice;give them room to evolve;support if needed @djlessard2016
  • Parents, Teachers, & Students as a team – we do have the same goal after all. @LoriAnnGibson

Don’t be afraid to learn with your students. Let them ask questions, let them get curious about whatever they desire to know. I loved this quote from @kolbyjohn, “And if you’re truly guided by the emerging interests of your students, you’ll likely say “I don’t know” a lot.” Then, you can discover the answers together with your students. Another commented that he loves to google an answer in front of students, teachers do not know all things and that’s ok!

Reflaction (Reflection with Action) What can you do this week to promote more effective #StuVoice in classrooms, schools, or on social media?

Any other “Reflactions” you would add to the list?

To read the whole chat go here.

The next #NYEDChat takes place today at 8:30pm EST! Check it out!

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