30 Inspiring Digital Citizens: Youth Doing Good Online



30+ Inspiring kids teach the world how to be good digital citizens

Check out these examples of kids taking charge to be awesome digital citizens and digital leaders. Then, go and figure out what you can do in your own sphere to influence the world, or even just one other person, for good.

Let’s start a ripple effect and take over the internet with kindness, positivity, and creativity. Let’s be changemakers, together. #UseTech4Good

Just as good citizenship is more than not breaking the law, digital citizenship is more than just avoiding harms online. Technology can enhance and magnify the ability of youth and adults to contribute to and serve in their families, schools, communities, and even in the world. Youth and adults can work together to consider and create more ideas around how technology can be used for good – to facilitate collaboration, creation, communication, and positive contributions to family and community.


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Anonymous Insta

Valedictorian anonymously posts kind words about his fellow classmates on Instagram for nearly a year.

You can sit with us

16-Year-Old creates app so no one ever has to sit alone at lunch.

Tweeting Compliments

In the age of online bullying, Maesar Prep students are tweeting compliments instead.

Because of an App

She speaks English. He speaks Spanish. 10-year-old classmates became friends after she used an app to write him a letter.

High School students in Anaheim, CA randomly choose someone everyday to feature on Instagram and Facebook. #iCanHelp

Bringing a community together

Nashville Library held a competition for teens who created storyboards, videos, and rap lyrics to encourage adults to get online.


10-year old, Curran, encourages all kids to get online and make a positive difference in your community and in the world.


#DigCit Day at McNick

Read what a DigCitDay would look like and get one going at your school! Each classroom teaches a different topic addressing DigCit.


9 year-old, Olivia, advocates for books and using social media to promote student voice and audience. She is a voice for kids online.

“Millennials…exist in a time where everything is changing. Because of this we are responsible to help spread the messages. We are responsible to forge new paths. We are using social media, a tool that is so readily available to us, and that we understand so well…. We are using this to change the world. 


Kids are posting online and looking for positive comments from you! Give some encouraging feedback.

184 Days of Learning

This school invites all students and teachers to contribute photos, videos, and comments to their blog to share what they learned that day.

Youth Visit Seniors

A group of inspiring teens at Magna Library used their digital literacy skill to help get seniors connected online.

Students Bond with “Eagle Eyes”

Jordan High uses technology to bond with classmates who cannot verbally communicate.

The Speaking Exchange Project connects CNA students in Brazil with Americans living in retirement homes.

Cyber Seniors

Cyber-Seniors classes pair youth with seniors so the youth can mentor the senior in digital literacy.


Trisha Prabhu uses two software systems to stop cyberbullying.

Day of Happiness

This class set out to break the internet with kindness by creating videos to combat haters and trolls.

Teens Can Make a Difference

Are Millennials using technology for good?

“The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.”

Author of My Story

These #DigCit Students created social branding presentations about improving your Digital Tattoo.


A Twitter account lead by 3rd grade students.

10-Year-Old Changemaker

“Why does everybody wait to talk to kids until they’re in high school?” Kids have a lot to say.

DUDE. be nice

A platform to inspire young people to build a positive community by recognizing someone in a creative way.

The Born Friends Family Portrait – a unique friendship brought together by Skype.

iConstitution by Students

More students actively doing kindness and empathy will directly influence how we treat each other.

5th Grade Class Blog

Students share their class work on their class blog.

Weekly Update

Students of Cantiague broadcast their school weekly update.

Lesson Plan for Kids

Talk to your kids about using Technology for Good. Educate and Empower Kids gives you this great guide.

“Through social media, grassroots movements… are promoted and used worldwide. Oftentimes, we see it as a person with a phone in their face. But, in my perspective, I think it’s the sharing of learning, empathy, and love for one another. One touch of a button can connect one person to another that are on completely separate ends of the world.”

Social Media Education

High school student promoting social media education to be taught in all schools. She creates a 10 week Youtube Series.


4th Grader, Lila Mankad, has almost 2,000 signatures on her change.org petition to reduce the use of plastic bags.

The Stang Station

This talk show brings together high school students to talk about miscellaneous topics. #stuvoice


C-SPAN hosts an annual national video documentary competition for grades 6-12.

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