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Utah School Community Councils (SCCs) have a mandate (via HB213) to partner with the school administration in providing safe filtering, management, and supervision practices for students at their schools, and to assure that training is provided for students and parents to help students make wise choices in their interaction with online applications. DigCitUtah provides a categorized resources library to help school community councils with this task.

There is an optional, voluntary opportunity for SCCs to participate in a pilot to take this assignment one step further. The intent of the pilot is to invite SCCs to engage with students at their schools (most likely a small subset like a club or class or project for student government, etc.) in a constructive, proactive project or opportunity that recognizes the positive power of the internet and involves students in opportunities that will enrich and enhance their experience and that of others.

There are no real requirements except that SCCs set measurable, realistic goals, so that at year end, the council can summarize the experience and determine if the goals were met, and so that other councils may learn from the experience. It may be that when SCCs discuss this idea, they will learn that there are projects/activities already taking place at the school (in class or via extracurricular activities). In that case, we would encourage schools to share that information so as to help other schools catch the vision of how students can use technology deliberately for good.

This year, students also could have the opportunity to share about Positive Digital Citizenship projects at the DigCitSummit in November. On the evening of November 2, we will hold a Youth Extravaganza where youth will be able to showcase examples of Positive Digital Citizenship.

For ideas about what a Positive Pilot project could look like, see the Positive Digital Citizenship story highlights on our site.

Also check out UseTech4Good.com for examples of youth using technology for good. Use this site to inspire and create projects for your kids and students. Then, submit their projects and ideas to the site to get students featured on their blog. #UseTech4Good

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