Some events coming up – we just want to keep our readers in the loop!

There is a hackathon this September! Details will be forthcoming.

The Digital Inclusion Unconference will be happening soon! This is hosted by SLC and Google Fiber! An unconference is a new way to gather people and ideas from everyone attending. We expect to leave this unconference with tons of new ideas and strategies to work together to get everyone educated about the importance of digital citizenship and armed with the tools to be good digital citizens.

Finally, for all who are dying to get more involved in the DigCit space, head out to San Francisco for the National DigCit Summit on October 28, 2016. Hopefully soon we can bring the summit to Utah, but for now, we will just have to enjoy a little California trip. You can also join this conference virtually.

Watch for our post coming soon about some exciting Cyber Seniors projects we are working on with UServeUtah!

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