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About the Positives Pilot Program

Read a report of the Positives Pilot Launch Meeting here.

School community councils have a new task beginning last school year (2015-2016) to partner with the school administration in providing safe filtering, management, and supervision practices for students at their schools, and to assure that training is provided for students and parents to help students make wise choices in their interaction with online applications. All of Utah’s public schools will begin implementing these new assignments this school year. DigCitUtah provides a categorized resources library to help school community councils with this task.

There is an optional, voluntary opportunity for school community councils to participate in a pilot to take this assignment one step further. The intent of the pilot is to invite councils to engage with students at their schools (most likely a small subset like a club or class or project for student government, etc.) in a constructive, proactive project or opportunity that recognizes the positive power of the internet and involves students in opportunities that will enrich and enhance their experience and that of others. Councils who participate in this pilot will share their experiences, and those projects/experiences will be used as a resource for councils in the 2016-2017 School Year to encourage participation in similar shared events for students.

There are no real requirements except that councils set measurable, realistic goals, so that at year end, the council can summarize the experience and determine if the goals were met, and so that other councils may learn from the experience. It may be that when councils discuss this idea, they will learn that there are projects/activities already taking place at the school (in class and extracurricular). In that case, we would encourage schools to share that information so as to help other schools catch the vision of how students can use technology deliberately to be good citizens.

We often share the following two examples of how technology and tech skills can be used for good. This video is a trailer of a documentary, and also is similar to a program being developed by United Way Utah County in collaboration with the Digital Inclusion Google Fellowship program.

You can also read this story that went nationwide at the end of the school year last year, about a student who used Instagram to anonymously spotlight and build up students in his school. This kind of idea could be turned into a student council or other project.

Obviously younger children would participate in something age-appropriate for them, but these examples could get some creative ideas flowing, and catch the vision of the idea of using technology for good.

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